Our mission in the North Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus (NCSDC) is to #TakeTheMajority in the State Senate and win Governor Cooper the chamber he needs to enact real change—bringing opportunity, fairness, and a better quality of life to all North Carolinians.

We’re so close to flipping this chamber

In 2018, we broke the Republican supermajority in the Senate. In 2020, we’re pushing that momentum even further and we’re poised to take back the Senate.

What would electing a Democratic majority in the North Carolina Senate mean? It would mean access to affordable healthcare for half a million North Carolinians; rebuilding public education—investing in our students, our educators, and our future; ending gerrymandering once and for all; and protecting the environment for ourselves and our children.

Policies we fight for


Senate Democrats will finally lift the Republican blockade on Medicaid expansion, offering half a million North Carolinians access to healthcare while bringing jobs and federal funds to our state. Soon, all our citizens will be able to get care for chronic conditions, prevent illness and disease progression and live healthy, productive lives.


Senate Democrats will fight to bring back what was once one of America’s best early childhood education systems, competitive K-12 schools, and a world-class public university system. We’ll reinvest in our students by raising per-pupil spending and value our educators by paying them a professional wage.

Voting rights

In the Senate, we will undo the unfair, lopsided, and unconstitutional Republican gerrymandering and make sure that all North Carolinians are heard at the ballot box and properly represented in government. We believe strongly that legislators shouldn’t pick their voters, voters should pick their legislators.

“Now more than ever, the rural communities in District 3 need a voice of reason and compassion to drive our economy, our education and our infrastructure in a positive direction that benefits the lives of its citizens.”

Ernestine Bazemore
Candidate for District 3

“I’m running for the NC Senate because I believe in a North Carolina that cares for its people, a North Carolina which values equality, education, and access to healthcare.”

JD Wooten
Candidate for District 24

“I ran in 2014 to expand Medicaid, fully fund our public schools and prioritize working families over large corporations. Here we are in 2020, and nothing has changed because of the Republican-led General Assembly. Our hard working families and children in North Carolina can’t afford more of the same.”

Sarah Crawford
Candidate for District 18

“As a veteran, nurse, and educator I am committed to fostering partnerships to improve community services for all, starting with equal access to quality health care and strong public schools.”

Donna Lake
Candidate for District #7

“I have fond memories of going with my mother to vote, and I can remember the pride I felt the first time I voted. I take one of my children with me when I vote so that they too can understand the importance of voting and appreciate the responsibility.”

Helen Probst Mills
Candidate for District #25

How do we win? Only with your support.

We can only take back the Senate this year with on-the-ground support from North Carolinians like you. When you make a contribution today, you are helping the Senate Democratic Caucus to support our amazing Senate candidates running campaigns across the state in districts that WE CAN FLIP FROM RED TO BLUE this fall.

This year is for all the marbles, with redistricting scheduled for 2021.

If we aren’t able to flip this chamber and fight for independent redistricting, the Republicans will be able to draw themselves into gerrymandered districts and continue their extremist stranglehold on this state for the next decade.

When you contribute today, you’re investing in the future of all North Carolinians.

“North Carolina’s future is on the line. From education to healthcare, we need to take the majority to bring meaningful change to our state.”

Dan Blue
Senate Democratic Caucus Leader

Jay Chaudhuri
Senate Democratic Whip

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