North Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus

We’re smart leadership—with a heart

Our vision

Throughout the history of North Carolina, successful private life and enterprise has flourished when they’ve been supported by public resources. Our goal is to join Governor Cooper in bringing back an intelligent, compassionate government that celebrates our state’s identity, its people’s diversity, and offers all North Carolinians the opportunities and protections to prosper today and into the future.

Let’s flip it BLUE!

What we stand for

We will fight to enact policies that improve the health, environment, education, and bank account of every North Carolinian. And we’ll make sure all of our citizens are represented in the voting booth and get fair justice under the law.

Affordable healthcare

Let’s join the 36 states that have accepted the Medicaid expansion and make sure all our citizens can access affordable, comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Quality public schools

Let’s turn North Carolina’s educational system into the envy of the world again by properly funding our public schools and paying teachers what they deserve.

Voting rights

Let’s fix our gerrymandered voting districts so every North Carolinian has an equal voice at the ballot box.

Environmental justice

Let’s make sure we all have clean air and drinking water, encourage renewable energy, and stand up to corporate polluters and their special interests.

Job opportunities

Let’s put North Carolinians back to work with good-paying jobs that reinvigorate our economy and enhance our quality of life.

Diverse government

Let’s make sure that North Carolinians from all backgrounds, genders, and orientations feel empowered to make a difference and hold leadership roles in their state.

Who’s fighting for you in the North Carolina Senate?